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Portable Water Purification, Alternative Energy, Surveillance

We design and build what our customers ask for! 

The World Health Organization has identified unsafe drinking water as the largest contributing factor to the problem of disease control. More deaths are attributed to unsafe drinking water each year than to natural disaster, war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction combined.

PG Energy & Design has launched a new line of portable water purifiers.  Ultraviolet water purification systems sized for individuals to small communities.  Powered by renewable energy with power to spare for lighting and charging electronic devices.

  • Portable Water Purification Systems 
  • Port Surveillance
  • Border Intrusion
  • Airport Security
  • Facility Protection
  • Common Operating Picture (COP)
  • Radar, Cameras, Sensors
  • Alternative Energy Applications, Solar & LED
  • Wireless Connectivity

County Airport Security
Mobile Energy Independent Solutions